Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Reo Matsuda Ms.Green Communications 8-2 2 December 2013 Was Hitler actually a bad person? The Holocaust was a massacre of over 10 million people, including 6 million Jews in the 1900’s. The Holocaust was for torturing and killing the Jews, because of the hatred toward them. The guy who led the Nazis and killed all the Jews was Hitler. Hitler was very intelligent but he used his knowledge in a bad way. I think if Hitler were to use his knowledge in another way the world would’ve been a better place. The holocaust has hurt many and even has killed many, but it has ended. The long-lasting war has ended and people has been released from the torture. People got left with fear and was traumatized. After the war has ended how did the people live? How did people live during the Holocaust? What actually happened during the Holocaust? Well, I will now explain it all. After World War I has ended, in 1918, Germany was far in debt. Many German fleets have been destroyed and transportation system have been wrecked, making it hard for people to get food. In the winter of 1918 many people died of starvation, the government was in turmoil, people lost jobs. Many bad things had happened to Germany. Nazis organized a party in 1919, and merged with Political Workers Circle. Nazis back then were called â€Å"National Socialist German Workers Party†. In 1919 Adolf Hitler joined the party and the party got even powerful. The party defined German people as â€Å"Only those of German blood, whatever their creed, may be members of the nation. Accordingly no Jews may be a member of the nation.† Jews were the first of many targeted groups by Adolf Hitler, and the hatred kept rising from 1919 to 1923. There were a group of people called Aryans who Hitler classifie... .... They lived through and some still live, even to this day. They live bold, strong, and wise despite what has happened to them. This may have been something that couldn’t have been stopped, or maybe it was just another thing that could’ve been changed if someone made a different choice. Perhaps this was the right choice, maybe we were the ones who was misunderstanding them. Maybe this was something that needed to happen, maybe Hitler had a reason to do this. We will never know, since he isn’t here anymore. All we can do right now is to live today, and to keep living for tomorrow. Worksited Heroes of the Holocaust - Ted Gottfried Tell Them we Remember - Susan D. Bacharach http://www.hitlerschildren.com/article/1286-how-did-people-escape-the-holocaust - viewed 10-9-13 http://www.hitlerschildren.com/article/1278-about-adolph-hitler#.UlWa_1yHeSo - viewed 10-9-13

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