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Albee's play, The American Dream Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Albee's play, The American Dream - Essay Example Simply how life used to be prior to the existence of contemporary society. The sole purpose as to why both dad and mum stayed with Grandma is because she represented the old set of values that have since been eroded by the contemporary values. This character was symbolically used by the author to depict the power of the past to predict the happenings of the future. This is demonstrated by Grandma being able to tell the truth concerning the real intent of the visit by Mrs. Baker. Additionally, this power is demonstrated by her knowledge of the Young Man being an identical twin of the first son of the family. In the social sphere, this character would otherwise be considered obscene. Her role as the oldest person in the play is somewhat unique with regards to theatre plays. It is imperative to reiterate the fact that all the characters of the play are symbolic in a way of the American society. As such, when Grandma becomes an exterior commentator away from the main scene, it symbolizes a shift from the old values that have eminently existed in the American society. The interaction between Grandma and the Young Man represent a collision between the old and the new. As such, in the conversation between Grandma and the Young Man, the Young Man asserts that he has no talents. The metamorphosis of the old to the new seems not to have been complete. Grandma represents a holistic being while the Young Man is a representation of the corrupt and incomplete being of the contemporary society. When Grandma refers to the Young Man as the American dream she asserts that he is the evolution of old into new. She states that he is the embodiment of what the American dream entails and what it would mean for society. The character of Grandma is a rather wise and cunning element in the play. She demonstrates her nature of being wise by knowing what is right for daddy and mommy. She understands that the presence of the Young Man in the family will be good to the family in the end. He r cunning nature is demonstrated by her decision to pretend that she had been taken by the van man. Moreover, when she returns to the scene, she gestures to Mrs. Baker to ignore her presence. The name of this character in context of the contemporary society signifies an aging or phasing out of the old rules. Simply put, a fading and non-relevance of the old values in the modern world. The Young Man When Grandma left the house, she left the Young Man to represent her. Simply put, he was a replacement of the old values of society by the new values. However, unlike Grandma whose personal possessions are represented by boxes, the Young Man is empty inside. The Young Man is the principle focus of the American Dream, he represents the future prospects of society as a whole. As such, when he says that he has no inner emotion, it translates to mean that the American Dream does not have substance to propel its realization. The American Dream, in the wider sense, has no feelings. When the You ng Man knocked on the door and subsequently entered the life of daddy and mommy, his sole motivation was money. This sheds light into the driving force of contemporary society. Their material minded nature is symbolized by this behavior of the Young Man. He is depicted as physically perfect. However, he is devoid of any inner substance. The Young Man is for sale. He states that he would do anything for money. His service and contribution to the family and the society as a whole are for sale. He represents the vanity associated with the contemporary

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