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How ernest hemmingways life is paralleled in his works Essay

How ernest hemmingways life is paralleled in his works - Essay Example His writings remain well known due to his harshness, reductionist technique, and availability to readers. His writings created the way for potboilers and pulp fiction. In the almost sixty-two years of his existence that came after, he created a literary image without exceeding in the twentieth era. In acting as such, he as well formed a mythological champion in himself that encouraged, and some other times confronted not only committed literary critics, but also the intermediary. His life and trademarks remain evident even at current; otherwise, he was a star (Krstovic 20). His life encounters and how they were parallel to his work Born in 1899, in Oak Park, Illinois, Ernest Hemingway enjoyed an upper middle group atmosphere, where his dad worked as a physician and his mother had practiced as a singer. The household used to go for summers in Michigan, where Ernest developed his huge admiration of everything that was not indoors. As a teenager, his dad taught him the way to hunt and f ish next to shores and within the bushes encircling Michigan Lake. This admiration of nature lived with him for the whole of his life. Nature could be the touchstone of Hemingway’s life and task. When Ernest finished his secondary education, his uncle assisted him get an employment as a reporter in the Kansas City Star. Therefore, this means that he never went to college after high school. Ernest worked at the Star for around six months (Mark 97). Hemmingway was a great sportsman. He loved portraying hunters, soldiers, and bullfighters. His interest in sports is evident in his high school life. He worked on the school’s newspaper; Tabula and Trapeze, primarily writing on sports. Due to America’s involvement in World War 1, Hemingway attempted to join the US Army. Happy as he was, he did not pass the physical test because of his poor eyesight. The desire to take part in the War did not however end there, and Hemingway enrolled with the Red Cross as an Ambulance d river. Upon coming out of US, Hemingway initially moved to Paris, and then got commands to go to Milan. After a short while after arriving at Milan, he travelled to the city of Schio where he did the job of driving ambulances. While shipping chocolates and cigarettes to war men on the rear, Hemingway got badly wounded on July 8, 1918, by pieces from an Austrian gun shield. Despite being seriously injured by the gun, and knocked by machine mortar fire Hemingway committed himself to safe the protection of his compatriot war men, moving them from the danger zone. The Italian state later gave Hemingway a silver medal of Military Valor for his champion activity (Smith 45). Hemingway stayed for some time nursing injuries at a hospital in Milan, where he met Agnes Von kurowsky, a nurse who came from Washington DC. The nurse had six years in his life older than Hemingway did, but he loved her and organized to go with her home to Oak Park. Despite Hemingway falling in love with Agnes, their love affair did not last his going back to the United States of America. Agnes, after a short while, left Hemingway for another man. This greatly devastated the writer, who was still young in age. This instance contributed to his writing of ‘A Very Short Story’ and ‘A Farewell to Arms’. This is a further instance of instances in the writer’s life that shaped his works. It was later that Hemmingway met his first wife Elizabeth Hadley Richardson whom they got married on 1921. They shifted to Paris, France and towards the end of 1923, as Hadley neared giving her

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